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Joe's Viewpoint: Get involved

Joe Sciortino Joe Sciortino

WDAM regularly reports on the Hattiesburg City Council meetings. I decided that if I was going to comment and offer an opinion in the future that I needed to start attending some meetings. My first was last week's agenda setting meeting on Monday March the sixteenth.

The meeting was lengthy as there were many items to discuss. I learned that when it came to some issues, I did not have a full appreciation of the amount of detail everyone, from the council to the mayor, needs to know to conduct these meeting. So often we only get a glimpse of what is said, or not said, in these meetings. I found our reporting that day, while accurate, was only part of the story. The room was filled with visitors that day. The meeting also marked the return of the citizen forums to the council proceedings - a welcomed return of an important part of the process. By the time the citizen forum took place, the room was half full. Many of the attendees were there for other matters on the agenda. I watched as some visitors close to me followed the agenda attentively. I suggest that you attend a meeting in the future to see for yourself and, if you are comfortable, get involved in the process.

This is today's viewpoint.

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