Jones County hill no longer a 'thrill'

Jones County hill no longer a 'thrill'

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - It's been a little over two months since four teens were involved in a fatal accident on Rose Lane in Jones County. Since then the so called “Thrill Hill” has been closed off.

On Wednesday Beat 2 County Supervisor Danny Spradley decided to open the hill back up.

“The hill is cut down low enough that there's not a thrill in it,” said Spradley. “If you're going to come through here at an excessive amount of speed you're not going to get a thrill because the thrill is out of the hill. We cut it down approximately between seven and nine feet. We went as low as we possibly could on account of public utility.”

Spradley said they couldn't make the hill any lower since there is a main gas pipeline that runs underneath the road. He said he decided to cut the hill down because of the lives that were lost but also for the people that live on the road.

“We've got a lot of elderly people that live on this road, they travel back and to on this road and people were coming through here at an excessive amount of speed trying to thrill the hill and it was just putting a lot of lives and children in danger,” said Spradley.

Spradley said although it is still a hill, it is not as high as it used to be. He advices everyone to drive the speed limit there which is 20 mph.

“There's between 1,700 to 2,000 miles of rural roads in Jones County and there are hills and curves on every one of them,' said Spradley. “I just would like to ask the public to slow down under the speed laws.”