Columbia Primary School observes national Kick Butts Day

Columbia Primary School observes national Kick Butts Day

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Columbia Primary School students observed national Kick Butts Day on Wednesday.

The event is sponsored by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and was designed to educate kids on the dangers of tobacco use. According to the campaign, 5,400 people die from tobacco use each year in Mississippi.

Statistics also show that 7.2 percent of high school students in Mississippi smoke. That's why education needs to begin at an early age.

"We talk to the kids about how, when they get a little older, their friends might try to pressure them into using it," said Crystal Wallace, Columbia Primary school nurse. "We teach them the effects it has on your body, so they'll know just to say no."

The students each created their own superhero to fight tobacco and the winners were congratulated Wednesday.

"This is Smoke Catcher Girl," said Shaina Verdin, a kindergartner. "Whenever she sees people smoking she takes it away from them."