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WDAM Featured Artist: Brendan Woods

Brendan Woods Brendan Woods

WDAM has paired with Hattiesburg Arts Council to feature local artists in the Pine Belt. Read below about this month's featured artist. 

Throughout my life, art has been my passion. As a resident of Purvis, I did not have much exposure to art growing up, but I loved creating it and wanted to pursue it as a career. After being accepted at William Carey University to follow my goals, I was given a chance to not only receive exposure to fine art but to also advance my skills as an artist. Even though I've only been painting for four years, it has become my favorite medium to work with. As an artist, I love to create something that is my own. I believe that, in terms of painting, it is important not to attempt to recreate reality, which is something that a lot of painters do. I, however, only manipulate reality enough to create forms that each has their own identity. I do this in an effort to make my work a “self-portrait” of who I am. I've worked from still-life setups most of my time as a painter, and I never paint them as I see them. It's important to have fun being inventive with the compositions; knowing what to leave in and leave out and also knowing how to create (or recreate) forms. There is a certain amount of playfulness to this method I use which was inspired by the Cubist works of Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Fernand Leger, and Juan Gris. What grasped my attention was the inventive, structural quality of their compositions. I fused certain elements of these artists' work with my own ideas. Even though my paintings are mostly abstract, I like to incorporate musical instruments such as guitars and violins, which reflects my passion for music. However, I make an effort to give any object matter a less obvious presence. This is because I want my work to be overall about color interaction and structure. Considering that I am heavily influenced by music, it is my goal to create music with my paintings. In doing so, I distort and break apart the musical shapes to not only give them more subtlety but to also have them fit well into the format and to have them interact with the other shapes. I don't consider the instruments so much as a visual spectacle but more as building blocks. This also lends to more focus on the work as a whole rather than just seeing it in parts. I not only enjoy working this way for the sake of being inventive, but I do it because I see it as a learning process. Each design I make never stays as originally intended. As I translate my design into a painting, I learn more and more about it, thus helping me see what to leave in or leave out. It is something that continues to grow, and I don't believe that my skill will ever reach its limit. It is not a matter of “when do I stop?” It is a matter of “where do I go from here?” I strive to progress even further from what I am doing now, and I am looking forward to my future as a painter.

To learn more about the Hattiesburg Arts Council, click here. 

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