Slideshow: Mississippi March Madness

Slideshow: Mississippi March Madness
Monta Ellis. Photo source Associated Press

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The NCAA tournament is only a few days away, and the state of Mississippi is no stranger to the fun.

In celebration of the big tournament, we've put together a slideshow of famous NBA players from Mississippi.

According to "Basketball-Reference" There have been a total of 85 players from Mississippi that have played in the NBA. In comparison, Alabama has only had 80.

The state of New York tops the list with 310 players.

Alaska is last with current Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers being the only player to come from the state.

All of these players have put on an NBA jersey, but they first put on jerseys in Mississippi.

For a full list of NBA players from the state of Mississippi click here.