Jones County sheriff aiming at career, not term

Jones County sheriff aiming at career, not term

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge is running for re-election.

"This is not a four year term this is a career," said Sheriff Hodge. "These people are investing their lives in this county, not for a term."

Sheriff Hodge said he's been campaigning since he was first running for sheriff in 2007.

"In the last seven years we've brought this department forward 20 years," said Sheriff Hodge. "We've doubled the size of the patrol division; we've increased our investigative division, our narcotics division, corrections division to try and meet the demands that the job brings to the table on a day to day basis. We've saved tax payers thousands of dollars through our inmate program saving the county labor, we've had an inmate garden going now since we started that's cut our inmate meal cost in half. Since taking office we've reduced methamphetamine manufacturing 75 percent here in Jones County. Just in the first two months of the year our narcotics division has made 53 felony arrests, 23 misdemeanor arrests and 10 sell cases. We've also been very aggressive in our effort in training and other things across the community through our neighborhood watch programs, our advisory board that I started when I first took office that's made up of citizens across the county that keep an ear out for us."

Sheriff Hodge said the department does all he mentioned and more on a budget.

"We're operating about $2 million below what other counties are operating on our size," said Sheriff Hodge. "Factor in the fact that the taxpayers haven't paid for one vehicle since we took office. We've been using drug seized funds to pay for all those vehicles. I think when you look at the services the people are getting today compared to what they had when we took office, the people of Jones County and the taxpayers of Jones County are getting a great bang for their buck."

He said although he and the department have accomplished a lot, there's still more to do.

"We know we haven't arrived, but we're pushing that way to continue to be the eyes and ears for the people and the people continue to use us and call us," said Sheriff Hodge. "We've bridge a gap if you will between law enforcement and the community. The people trust in us, they believe in us, we want to step up on that line and we believe people want us on that line and so we're committed to serve them."

Come November, Sheriff Hodge said he hopes to receive the most votes.

"In 2011, we had 67 percent of the vote, I'm very humbling, very thankful for the support the people gave us," said Sheriff Hodge. "We believe we've gotten stronger as a team. We really believe that when people go to the polls and vote they'll be able to give us a very strong thank you for the job that we do on a day to day basis."

He said he plans to continue his career as a sheriff.

"You could not be no more engaged, no more involved, no more available than I am to the people of Jones County," said Sheriff Hodge. "Not just at the Jones County Sheriff's Department, but as a community, and so I'm engaged, I'm involved, I want to be here, I'm 100 percent committed to being the sheriff of Jones County and I look forward to serving this county for a long time."