Palazzo: Senate letter to Iran necessary

Palazzo: Senate letter to Iran necessary

CAMP SHELBY, MS (WDAM) - Iranian officials and some American allies are criticizing a letter sent by Republican senators to Tehran, warning leaders there that any nuclear deal not approved by Congress may be short-lived.

Some accuse the GOP of trying to undermine negotiations and said it has harmed America's international credibility.

But, Congressman Steven Palazzo said the letter serves a valuable purpose in letting the ruling clerics know any agreement not ratified by lawmakers could be overturned by a future president.

Moreover, Palazzo (R-4th Dist.) said the American people should understand that when it comes to Iran, we're not negotiating with friends.

"They're sponsoring terrorism in five continents," Palazzo said. "They've killed our children in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They were behind the Marines that died in Beirut. They're going to have a nuclear arsenal. It's in their long-term plans and we've just got to recognize it. We don't need to help accelerate it, we need to make sure they never obtain them," he said.

Palazzo visited parts of the Pine Belt on Wednesday.