Large tanks disrupt traffic in Hattiesburg

Large tanks disrupt traffic in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Some folks in Hattiesburg may have had a bit of traffic disruption on Hardy Street the past few mornings.

Twice this week a 90,000 gallon bulk propane storage tank that weighs around 60 tons was transported from a Mississippi Tank Company located on West 7th street, then down north 38th Ave. The tanker would then make its way onto Hardy Street heading west to Interstate 59.

A steerable dolly is used at the rear of the tank so that it can make the turn when necessary.

The tank is 130ft long and takes a crew of over a dozen people plus a police escort just to get it onto the highway.

A company spokesman said that the 70-year-old company builds about 20 of these a year.