UPDATE: Mistrial declared in Waldrop capital murder trial

UPDATE: Mistrial declared in Waldrop capital murder trial
Day two of Waldrop capital murder trial

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The capital murder trial of a Daylon Waldrop ended in a mistrial on Wednesday.

The jury was given the case at 2:15 this afternoon after the defense denied its chance to call any witnesses.

Through the course of the deliberation, four notes were sent out regarding evidence, jury instructions as well as stating they were deadlocked on the charges.

The jury returned right at 5:00 p.m., and when they were asked by the judge if any more deliberation would help, they stated no.

Judge Helfrich then declared a mistrial.

Waldrop was remanded back into custody and another trial date is expected to be set by week's end.

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The state rested after calling 10 witnesses total in the Waldrop's trial.

The trial continued into day two with the state calling their 7th witness to the stand.

Hattiesburg Police Department crime scene investigator Denise Ruple testified to shell casings from a .380 that she collected at the 7th Street scene where Robert Williams was killed.

Ruple also was questioned about the blood found on the silver car belonging to Waldrop that was parked near the crime scene.

The 8th witness called was forensic DNA analyst Kathryn Rogers.

"We were successful in getting a full DNA profile," said Rogers.

According to Rogers, of the profile they came to, there is "less than a 1 in 999 trillion chance in it having another match."

The recovered DNA was a complete and full match to Waldrop.

The 9th witness was deputy chief medical examiner Erin Barnhart, who performed the autopsy on Robert Williams.

Barnhart testified about details of the autopsy as well as identified photos from the autopsy including a bullet wound in the victims right shoulder, which the bullet traveled into the chest cavity.

According to Barnhart the bullet traveled through both lungs and clipped the aorta artery.

The mechanism of death was blood loss according to Barnhart.

The states 10th and final witness to take the stand was Carl Fullilove Jr., a scientist at the Mississippi Crime Lab.

Fullilove testified to a .45 caliber pistol and .45 shell casings recovered at the scene. A projectile to a .380 was also mentioned during testimony, which was the projectile recovered by the state medical examiners office during the autopsy of Williams.

The state rested its case just after 10:15 a.m., and court will resumed at 12:30 p.m. with the defense's opportunity to present its case.