Police report reveals what happened when intruder entered daycare

Police report reveals what happened when intruder entered daycare

Hattiesburg - Board members at Early Encounters Preschool and Learning Center held a special meeting Monday night to an address an issue that occurred back in February.

According to an email from staff, an unknown woman entered the hallway of the center on Hardy Street, and had to be removed by staff on the morning of Feb. 17.

"She entered an infant classroom, and the staff reacted quickly and appropriately. Staff members removed the individual from the building, and no children were harmed," the email said.

The email stated, "We at Parkway Heights and Early Encounters place the utmost importance on the safety and well-being of our children. In addition to our current security measures, we are undergoing a professional safety assessment with a trained physical security specialist."

A newly obtained police report reveals that more happened when the intruder entered the daycare, than what daycare staff informed parents of in the initial email.

According to the report, a woman walked into the daycare center with a bandanna over her face, walked up to a child sitting in a high chair and appeared to be trying to get the child out of the chair.

Police explained in the report that the woman was allegedly delusional.

As police tried to escort the woman away, the report revealed that she slapped one of the employees.

Police called ambulance services for assistance, and they transported the woman to the hospital for an evaluation.

According to an email from a staff member at the daycare, charges will not be filed, because they feel that "it is their belief that the woman is suffering from some severe mental issues so they will not pursue charges at this time."

The daycare is taking actions to help protect their students and staff. Employees said a safety assessment of the Early Encounters facility has been conducted by a physical security specialist.