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Mississippi man releases novel on controversial state flag

A Hattiesburg resident wrote a novel focusing on the controversy behind the Mississippi flag. A Hattiesburg resident wrote a novel focusing on the controversy behind the Mississippi flag.
Hattiesburg author, Jason Beverly. Hattiesburg author, Jason Beverly.
HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg author has penned his first book, tackling the controversial history of the Mississippi flag. 

Jason Beverly, a Hattiesburg resident, recently published Ghosts of Beauvoir: A Supernatural Journey of Self- Discovery. 

The backdrop for the novel is the 2001 special election in which Mississippi residents had the opportunity to vote for a new flag that wouldn't contain the controversial Confederate emblem. It takes place along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Hattiesburg. According to Beverly, the book has supernatural and historic undertones, with a hint of the black, Southern experience.

“Some residents are pushing for a new state flag that doesn't contain the Confederate emblem, while others are advocating for keeping the emblem on the old Mississippi flag,” Beverly said. “Folks like Jacob Lattimore, are just trying to make sense of all the chaos. Jacob Lattimore is the main character of the book. After accepting a job as a reporter for a small newspaper located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Jacob goes on a journey of discovering who he really is. The first stop on his journey takes him to Beauvoir, the historic home of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis. From there, he encounters the spirits of two deceased slaves who lead him down a painful, supernatural path of self-discovery. In the end, Jacob discovers who he really is and uncovers some shocking information that shapes his perception of the Mississippi flag and Confederate emblem.”

Although Mississippi residents voted to keep the Confederate emblem on the state flag back in 2001, the conversation has been ongoing ever since. Some residents, as well as folks who live outside the state, are still trying to rationalize why Mississippi remains the only state to use the controversial Confederate emblem in its state flag.

“This has been a hot topic over the past several years,” Beverly said. “It was just last year when the Orange County Bar Association in California passed a resolution to have the Mississippi flag removed from the Santa Ana civic center where all state flags are displayed. That group felt that our state flag was offensive. So people are still talking about this thing. This book just adds to the ongoing discussion, but in a creative, fun, scary, and unexpected way. This book definitely has a twist.”

Beverly has already finished a second novel which is currently undergoing editing. He hopes to release it before the end of the year. 

If you wish to purchase the book, click here. 

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