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Joe's Viewpoint: The world needs to fight ISIS

Joe Sciortino Joe Sciortino

Hatred comes in many forms and for many reasons. Sometimes the reason is clear and other times not so much. It may stem from an encounter or experience between individuals or groups with cultural differences. What is clear is that hatred is not an accepted response to those who are different or those who have different beliefs than you.

It gets worse when hatred gets organized and spreads, masked as a culture or religion.

This is exactly where we find ourselves with ISIS. It is a brand of hatred rooted in a belief system that threatens the safety of innocent people everywhere. Nations around our planet are working to find a strategy to deal with this crisis. But there are no negotiations, no treaties or sanctions that will bring this to a conclusion. This evil is not interested in peace and our nation's leaders need to approach this threat with a desire to fight and not to manage.

This is today's viewpoint.

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