Southern Quarterly Selected for International Distribution By Project Muse

Southern Quarterly Selected for International Distribution By Project Muse

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The following is a news release from The University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi's The Southern Quarterly is now included in the Project Muse database, a collection of electronic journals that is a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content. This collaboration will help fulfill Southern Miss' goal of recruiting outstanding students and faculty.

The special issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer will be the first Southern Quarterly publication in Project Muse, which will be distributed mid-February to coincide with Black History Month.

Project Muse is an electronic database primarily for scholarly books and journals from universities and non-profit organizations. The Southern Quarterly has a history of 52 years, and Philip Kolin, University Distinguished Professor and editor of The Southern Quarterly, exclaims how monumental it is to finally be a part of the prestigious Project Muse database.

"This has been a goal of mine since I became editor in The Southern Quarterly four years ago," Kolin said. "It means that The Southern Quarterly will reach exponentially more scholars and students worldwide and confirms the journal's reputation as a major publication in the arts and the humanities."

Dr. Steven R. Moser, dean of the College of Arts and Letters, believes the partnership with Project Muse will allow The Southern Quarterly to attain a higher profile, but will also reach an international audience.

"The Southern Quarterly is one of the top academic journals in the country that focuses on the arts and humanities," Moser said. "Our collaboration with Project Muse and the potential to add to what is already a solid world-wide audience among academia."

Project Muse has a vast network for disseminating works and these works are fully integrated for search and discovery, which is a main reason why The Southern Quarterly is allowing a non-exclusive right to its works. This will potentially allow revenue streams that this journal has not witnessed before.

"The creative works of our university will reach a larger audience as a result of us allowing our rights to a company to push our publications out for us," Chase Kasper, director of the Office of Technology Development, said. "This exposure will enhance The Southern Quarterly's reputation."

"This will make scholars more excited to submit to us," Kasper said. "More people will be reading on Project Muse because it's more widely available."

Project Muse's mission is to excel in the distribution of scholarly content. This organization anticipates the needs of and delivers essential resources to all members of the scholarly community.

"We're highlighting the work that is being done at the university and throughout the South," Kasper said. "That's the key to all of this. I think it'll be good for our faculty and staff to know that we are working to get their works out there."

For more information about The Southern Quarterly being a part of Project Muse, contact the College of Arts and Letters by calling 601.266.4315.