Healing gave hope; Art of Healing artist spotlight

Healing gave hope; Art of Healing artist spotlight

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from South Central Regional Medical Center

The Art of Healing is an annual art auction hosted by South Central Health Care Foundation to raise money to support free community health screenings and other community health initiatives. Artists who donate their artwork to the event have a story to tell about hope and healing. Janet Staples, local artist and Art of Healing donor, is one of those artists.

"In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found a lump through a self-exam. I understand firsthand the importance of education and information. That is why I support the Art of Healing," says Staples.

South Central Regional Medical Center has conducted free community health screenings and other community health initiatives for years. Throughout the years, hundreds of area residents have participated in their free screening programs and many lives have been saved as a result of the initiatives.

"During my treatment I needed something to do. Any time someone has a diagnosis like cancer, you think of your mortality. I thought, 'I am going to leave this world with nothing with my name on it.' So I went to a craft store, bought two canvases, two paintbrushes and three tubes of paint. I painted my first painting in 2012." says Staples.

When it comes to treating potentially serious conditions, early diagnosis is key. Generally, the earlier you begin treatment for a condition, the greater your chance for a full recovery. It does not matter if you are in the best shape of your life, a serious condition can occur without signs or symptoms and may be lurking in your body. It is important to know that some health conditions have no symptoms to alert you that something is wrong, however some conditions run in your family, like breast cancer, so prevention and early detection is key so that you can stay healthy.

"Our goal with the Art of Healing is to spread the message of hope and healing through beautiful art and a fun event," says Becky Collins, Event Coordinator. "This annual event is open to all members of the community. We invite all to attend to view and bid on original art, enjoy live music by Charles Carter and delicious food and drink. With help from our artists, community partners and guests, Art of Healing continues to grow each year."

Janet Staples' entry in the South Mississippi Art Show

In past years, pieces donated for the auction have included watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, pen and ink drawings, carved wood items, pottery, handmade jewelry, sculptures, photography, knitted items and numerous other types of art. Proceeds from the sale of art and tickets directly benefit the community through free health screenings, free community education sessions and community outreach programs.

"It is great for artists to know that their contribution to the Art of Healing will help save lives," Collins said. "We sincerely appreciate Janet Staples and artists like her that share their story and their donations with us," she concluded.

The Art of Healing will be held in Laurel this year on Saturday, March 28th at 6:30 p.m. and is open to the community. The evening includes music, beverages, a large array of food, a silent auction and a live auction. The sale of art and ticket sales go to the South Central Health Care Foundation to cover the cost of future community health initiatives. Tickets for the evening are only $35 and can be purchased by calling the Art of Healing Center at 601.399.0519 or by email at aevans@scrmc.com. For more information, please visit scrmc.com