Caught In The Act: Jones County dash cam capture car chases

Caught In The Act: Jones County dash cam capture car chases

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - On a daily basis, police officers enter their vehicle not knowing what the day will bring to them.

"Things can change from a blink of an eye whenever these deputies get out on these scenes," said Jones County Major Jamie Tedford.

Vehicle pursuits are one of the most dangerous activities that occur in law enforcement. The Jones County Sheriff's Department had at least three car chases in January in a two week span.

On January 11 one man led deputies on a chase in the county. After several minutes, the driver eventually ended up driving towards a dead end.

"It is very dangerous and a lot of times you'll see emotions very high at the end of a pursuit from the deputies," said Major Tedford.

Dash cam video shows a deputy pulling up next to the vehicle with his gun asking the driver to come out of his vehicle.

"You can actually hear him getting on to the guy," said Major Tedford.  

James Green was arrested for felony fleeing in a motor vehicle, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. His bond was set at $6,000.

Hours after Green was arrested, the Jones County Sheriff's Department had another pursuit.

"The deputy did a fantastic job by identifying that it was a stolen vehicle and you know we didn't want that guy to get away," said Major Tedford.

Video shows the vehicle driving through a wire fence, after that you can see deputies running into the area behind the vehicle. The suspect fled the scene, but was arrested a few days later after he led police on a manhunt.

"That was one of those subjects that was recently arrested by Jones County Sheriff's Department that was breaking into churches here in Jones County," said Major Tedford.
Aaron Haynes had at least ten charges on him. His bond was set at $105,000.

Exactly two weeks later, deputies were on another high speed chase. Footage shows a deputy following a vehicle for a few minutes until the driver lost control. Once the vehicle came to a stopping point you can see the driver and the passenger immediately fleeing the location. The deputy was able to catch the passenger and a little after that, deputies were able to locate the driver at a nearby home.  

"We wanted to get him off the streets and we needed to try to get him in custody where that he would not continue to victimize the citizens here of Jones County," said Major Tedford. "Those subjects was involved in a major, major burglary ring here in Jones County where that they were hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and guns and jewelry stolen out of this man's house with his safe."

Jerry Mclain had eight charges on him. His bond was set at $200,000.

"These guys they are the ones that are out here putting their lives on the line everyday and I hope that these dash cam videos will actually help the public kind of understand that side of law enforcement because it's always good to kind of see both sides of things," said Major Tedford.