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Joe's Viewpoint: Our responsibility

Joe Sciortino Joe Sciortino

In a meeting last week here at the station the subject of responsibility and credibility was discussed.

Following a lively debate, our team decided that in fact credibility and responsibility go hand-in-hand. The recent city council meetings and the issue over the citizens' forum serves well to illustrate this point.

Now that we have a consensus concerning the return of the forums, we await the ground rules. And when the rules are laid out for the new system allowing citizens a voice at city Council meetings, it will be the responsibility of all parties involved to do what they're responsible to do. This includes the council, the mayor, law-enforcement in charge of keeping order, and those citizens attending meetings. If more people did what they were expected, obligated or what they promised to do the world and our community would be a better place.

This is today's viewpoint.

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