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Lauren Rogers Museum features "Garden of Eden" exhibition

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LAUREL, MS (WDAM) -  The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel is hosting a unique exhibition of photographs from January 20th until March 18th.

“It's kind of a quiet subtle exhibition; it feels a little old fashion when you first look at it,” Tommie Rodgers of the Lauren Rogers Museum said. “There are very subtle still life images; they are all photographs, but they were made in a style of old master paintings from Dutch and French influenced paintings.”  

The collection, called "Garden of Eden" by Canadian, Polish-Born photographer Andrzej Maciejewski, consists of various fruit in each photograph. Each portrait contains props and different fruit from multiple places around the world.

“The artist is interested in showing something more than just a still life photograph,” Rodgers said. “He was interested in bringing up a conversation of how we grow things; of how we as a society lived and incorporate perfection in our daily lives.”

 On the surface, the portraits may seem no different than a decorated fruit display in a grocery aisle, but the labels and visualization are meant to make the viewer think more about their own lives.

“You'll see the PLU label still on the fruit or in the wrapper,” said Rodgers. “That's to remind us that agriculture has come to a state of perfection; like maybe what's more beautiful than maybe what the flavor is like. He's really trying to start a dialogue of something beyond just a beautiful image fruit on the table.”

Along with the display, visitors of the museum can also utilize the Education Station. The area features a hands-on portion of the exhibition where they are welcome to create their own fruit display. 

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