Lt. Governor makes re-election bid official

Lt. Governor makes re-election bid official

JACKSON, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the Lt. Governor's office.

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves was joined earlier today by his wife, Elee, and their three girls as he filed his qualifying paperwork at the Mississippi Republican Party headquarters to run for re-election as Mississippi's Lt. Governor.

After filing for re-election, the Lt. Governor offered the following statement:

"I feel honored and humbled that the citizens of Mississippi put their trust in me four years ago to serve as our state's Lt. Governor. I'm proud that many of the conservative ideals and principles I ran on in 2011 have been realized in the form of bold, transformative legislation signed into law by Governor Bryant. We've made great progress since the 2011 elections, but I am committed to working even harder in the next four years to make Mississippi the best place in America to raise a family and build a business."

As reported in late January, the Lt. Governor started the year with $2.35 million on hand for his re-election effort.

Reeves' campaign manager Garrett McInnis declared, "Tate Reeves is the proven conservative leader Mississippians can count on for the next four years. We will employ a robust and extensive grassroots effort to communicate with Mississippi voters about all that Lt. Governor Reeves has accomplished. His conservative vision for our state has led to meaningful reform to boost educational achievement, lower our debt burden and make Mississippi a safe place to raise a family."

In his first campaign for Lt. Governor in 2011, Tate Reeves campaigned on the following:

• Protecting Mississippi's families

The Senate passed the Mississippi Student Liberties Act which ensures students can express their faith in school, gives them the ability to organize faith-based activities and groups, and allows students to express religious viewpoints in their assignments. In 2012 he led the efforts to pass the Child Protection Act, which requires immediate reporting of suspected abuse by healthcare practitioners, clergy members, teaching or childcare providers, law enforcement officers or commercial image processors when faced with reasonable suspicion that a sex crime against a minor has occurred. In 2013, in response to the terrible tragedy in Newtown, CT, he successfully pushed a bill that would provide funds for armed law enforcement in our schools to prevent similar incidents. In 2013, he supported allowing the state Department of Human Services to determine whether individuals enrolled in the federal Temporary Assistance for Need Families use illegal drugs. • Protecting Mississippians' constitutional rights.

He supported a 20-week abortion ban which will go a long way to protect the lives of the unborn and continue to make Mississippi the safest place in America for an unborn child. He has worked alongside the National Rifle Association(NRA) to protect Mississippians' Second Amendment Rights by protecting the personal information of concealed carry permit holders, pushed a sales tax holiday for firearms and related hunting supplies, clarified the law allowing Mississippians to carry concealed carry permits and supported the Constitutional Amendment establishing a right to hunt and fish. • Reducing the debt burden on the citizens of Mississippi.

Since that time Lt. Governor Reeves has led an effort to dig our State out of a $460 million hole – where the legislature used one-time money for recurring expenses. Now – the state has a balanced budget that only spends recurring revenue for recurring expenses. The State has filled its rainy day fund to its statutory limit in case of emergencies such as the recent natural disasters. • Passing education reform to raise academic achievement for all students

In the 2012 session, he successfully fought to change the school rating system to an easy-to-understand A-F system from a confusing seven-tier program. In 2013, he led the push for school choice, including allowing for the establishment of public charter schools to provide children with an opportunity for success. In the 2014 session, his teacher pay raise plan passed to raise teacher salaries by $3,500 by July 2015 and establishing the first merit pay program. • Increasing efficiency and transparency in government

His efforts to limit new vehicle purchases by state agencies has saved about $23 million in taxpayer money. He has proposed stricter laws on state contracting to tighten state contracting laws and increase scrutiny on government practices. • Creating an environment that encourages the private sector to invest in jobs

He fought to reduce the inventory tax paid and improved the workers compensation law to make it fair for employers and employees. Mississippi's unemployment tax has been reduced and is now the 8th lowest in the country. This past week Tate Reeves proposed eliminating the antiquated franchise tax, reducing the tax burden on small businesses and phasing out the 3 percent tax bracket for individuals.