Hattiesburg florist celebrates 80th Valentine's Day

Hattiesburg florist celebrates 80th Valentine's Day
Red Roses

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - All the lucky people receiving flowers on Valentine's Day wouldn't be so lucky without the help of a few dedicated workers.

For the crew at Southland Florist, Valentine's Day 2015 is a little more, being that it is their 80th one to celebrate.

"This is our 80th Valentine's Day, so we have been very busy yesterday and today, we have had several deliveries Thursday, Friday and Saturday," said Southland Florist Manager Sara Marchetta.

Even with the day of love falling on a Saturday, there was still work to be done.

"So far we have filled over 300 orders and still have orders coming in and orders to fill," said Marchetta.

In preparation for the special day, the florist ordered more than 3,000 roses, along with other flowers to have on hand for customers.

"The weekends are not usually as busy as during the week, people are going out, and kind of takes away from it a little, but our progress is still going great," said Marchetta.

The crew will continue their work throughout the day, sending out arrangements so each and all have a very special Valentine's Day.