Lamar County Sheiff's Dept. adds new cruisers to force

Lamar County Sheiff's Dept. adds new cruisers to force
One of Lamar County Sheriff's Dept. new cruisers

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - For motorist traveling the roads of Lamar County, you'll soon be seeing several new police cruisers, some of those, courtesy of seized drug money.

The Lamar County Sheriff's Department has added six new vehicles to the force, four of which did not cost the tax payers a dime, according to Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel.

The department had two vehicles in their county budget, and with drug seizures and funds made available from other avenues that the state allows, the department was about to purchase the extra vehicles at about $30,000 apiece.

There is a pretty simple split to where the funds go.

“Money that we get on forfeitures on seizures the sheriff's department ultimately gets 80 percent and the district attorney's office or the people who do the administrative part of it get 20 percent,” said Rigel.

Spending these funds allows departments to keep up with new technology costs, as well as outfit their department in the latest and with the best resources to fight crime.

“We are restricted by law what we can do with it, it has to be for law enforcement purposes and the bulk of it over the years we have purchased 37 fully outfitted police cruisers since I have been in office,” said Rigel.

Rigel added that with the help of seized money, the department has used funds to outfit their SRT Team, k-9 units, purchase training ammo as well as on duty ammo for the department.