Lamar County Schools clear up measles rumor

Lamar County Schools clear up measles rumor


Monday afternoon a Lamar County parent made a social media post claiming her child had the measles.

Since then, it has been clarified that the Sumrall Elementary student does not have the measles.

"In speaking to the child's parent and local medical personnel it has been determined that it's roseola not the measles,"said Lamar County Superintendent of Education Tess Smith.

A common name for roseola is "baby measles" or the "three day measles." This can cause confusion as to whether a child has actual "measles" or not.

"Roseola is very very mild and with the true measles the fever is generally a lot higher," said pediatrician Anita Henderson, M.D."The rash may be a little a bit similar but the symptoms with roseola are much milder. It is a virus that usually causes a mild three day fever followed by the break out of a viral rash."

Smith worked with a local physician to send letters home with students to explain the medical differences between the two viral diseases.

"Just to be aware that this is out there and to put the truth out there that this is not the actual measles," said Smith.

The letter mentions that at this time, Mississippi has one of the highest vaccination rates in the county, so the chances of catching measles is very, very small.

Health providers always encourage parents to bring their children in if they are not feeling well.

"If your child has any childhood rash any type of cough, fever, runny nose that kind of stuff you need to seek health care," said Wesley Medical Center's Director of Emergency Medical Services Dixie Morris.

As of today there are not any cases of measles reported in the state.

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