Caught In the Act: Jones County dash cam video captures man vs. deputy brawl

Caught In the Act: Jones County dash cam video captures man vs. deputy brawl

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Exclusive new dash cam video released by the Jones County Sheriff's Department catches delinquents in the act.

One video released shows a deputy pulling up in front of a truck on Rose Lane.  

"The deputy was responding to a call," said Major Jamie Tedford. "The victims were inside and said that a guy was outside trying to ram their vehicle."

Video shows the deputy asking the suspect to get out of his truck several times. At one point the man gets out of his truck and walks towards the deputy.

"The guy was very incoherent and wouldn't comply with the deputy and as the deputy continued to talk with the guy a fight actually broke out," said Major Tedford.

Dash cam shows the man punching the deputy at least three times before the deputy struck back. After that, both men were on the ground.

"You can see the hand of the suspect actually go on and it's kind of feeling on his sand brown, on his gun belt and then actually he didn't feel the gun so he grabbed his shirt," said Major Tedford.

After several minutes the deputy was able to hold the suspect down until backup arrived. The Jones County man was charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

"This is what they're faced with everyday I mean this is real life stuff and people that don't live it every day they don't realize what these deputies in law enforcement go through on a day to day basis," said Major Tedford.