CalStar shifts production from Racine, WI pilot plant to new Columbus, MS facility

CalStar shifts production from Racine, WI pilot plant to new Columbus, MS facility

DURHAM, NC - This is a news release from CalStar Products

CalStar Products has announced the company is shifting production from the company's pilot plant in Racine, WI to its new state-of-the-art Columbus, MS manufacturing plant, resulting in increased capacity and a larger geographic footprint for their sustainable brick, masonry and decorative trim products.

According to a company spokesperson, CalStar's Racine plant will continue to maintain their quality assurance and testing facilities and the majority of the front office staff will continue to support the administrative requirements for the company.

Craig Ratchford, CalStar CEO, said the expanded plant will continue to service the North American brick and masonry market, including the Milwaukee and Chicago markets surrounding the Racine pilot operation.  "We're excited for the expansion of our newest Columbus facility as we continue to manufacture America's only sustainable brick and masonry solution."

The company will also be adding additional curing capacity to Columbus in order to keep up with the growing demand for a new line of decorative trim cast stone products.

CalStar's 100,000-square-foot Columbus, MS facility, the company's first full-scale manufacturing facility, sits on 23 acres in the Golden Triangle Industrial Park, located in Northern Mississippi near the Alabama border.

Headquartered in Durham, NC, CalStar's masonry products incorporate up to 37% recycled content, eliminating the need for kiln-firing, typical of traditional clay brick, or the use of Portland cement, used to bind concrete masonry products. As a result, each product requires up to 81% less energy to make while emitting up to 84% less CO2. This reduced environmental footprint comes with no sacrifice to aesthetics or performance, and the raw material and energy savings equate to more affordable per-unit costs.

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CalStar Products, Inc. develops and manufactures sustainable building products that allow customers to dramatically reduce the embodied energy and carbon footprint of their projects and incorporate significant recycled materials, without compromising building performance or budgets. Founded in Silicon Valley and headquartered in North Carolina, CalStar's mission encompasses national priorities of supporting energy independence, mitigating climate change, preserving natural resources, recycling industrial by-products, and creating green jobs.

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