Jones County woman dies from injuries sustained in house fire

Jones County woman dies from injuries sustained in house fire

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from Jones County Fire Coordinator

A Jones County woman has died from injuries sustained in an early morning house fire in the Powers Community in Jones County. At 3:00 AM today, volunteer fire and rescue units from Powers, M&M and Glade were dispatched to a report of a structure fire with victims possibly trapped inside at 115 Northeast Drive. Powers Fire & Rescue was the first department on the scene and reported flames showing in the one story brick home with an adult female resident likely trapped. A second alarm dispatched volunteer fire and rescue units from Sandersville and Rustin to assist. Firefighters in full turnout gear and wearing self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) made entry into the home at the front door with a search team turning left toward the bedroom areas while crawling on their hands and knees performing a search. A fire suppression team entered at the front door, made their way through the living room and turned right into a kitchen and laundry room area and immediately encountered extremely heavy fire conditions. Search teams reported that the smoke level in the home was already down to the floor and they were unable to even see their gloved hands while crawling due to the heavy smoke.

As firefighters from Powers, Glade & M&M were searching the back two bedrooms of the home with near zero visibility, the victim was located in the master bedroom laying on the floor. Firefighters quickly extricated the victim to a waiting EMServ Ambulance Service medical crew and CPR and advanced life support measures were instituted to the non-breathing victim. The victim was transported to South Central Regional Medical Center with a Powers medical first responder riding along assisting the EMServ paramedic with CPR. The victim, suffering from severe smoke inhalation and burns, succumbed to her injuries following extended, intense medical efforts to save her life.

Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna noted, "Our volunteer firefighters gave it their all this morning and put their lives in danger to perform this rescue. I cannot understate the level of danger they faced; however, their desire to save a life, their training and their dedication to their volunteer firefighting career all combined perfectly to effect this rescue." McKenna adds, "Our prayers go out to the family and friends of the victim and we wish the outcome had been different." The identity of the victim has not been released pending notification of next of kin.

As firefighters were conducting overhaul operations at the house fire, a medical call was dispatched to Glade Fire & Rescue with a report of an infant possibly not breathing. Medical first responders from Glade and Powers responded to the incident off of Old Hwy. 15 South and arrived just after EMServ Ambulance Service. The nearly two month old male infant was not breathing upon arrival of emergency responders and CPR and advanced life saving measurers were instituted. The infant was transported by EMServ to South Central Regional Medical Center where he succumbed to an unknown medical condition despite intense medical efforts to save his life. The identify of the infant has not been released pending notification of next of kin.

Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna stated, "We have experienced one of the worst stretches of tragedies in Jones County that I can remember. In the past week, some of our first responders have worked eight traumatic deaths in a seven day period. We are organizing a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to help our responders cope with the stress associated with these horrific incidents." McKenna adds, "Please know that our volunteer firefighters and medical first responders have seen more tragedy and death in a week than most people will experience in a lifetime. The next time you see one of your community heroes, please tell them thanks and be sure to keep them on your prayer list too. It is both appreciated and needed."

The structure fire on Northeast Drive is being investigated by Jones County Sheriff's Department Fire Investigator Sergeant Scott Gable who has also requested the State Fire Marshall's Office to assist. Units from the Jones County Sheriff's Department responded to both incidents along with the Jones County Coroners Office.

Please direct all Press inquires to Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna at 601-319-2408