Petal Upper Elementary school donates almost 800 pounds of coins

Petal Upper Elementary school donates almost 800 pounds of coins

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Petal Upper Elementary gathered their spare change to make a change in the lives of the Columbia tornado victims.

"We knew that Columbia had had a tragic event," said Hannah Windham, 6th grader at Petal Elementary. "We wanted to help them because throughout the year we've been taught 'kindness matters."

"I actually have some of my friends that live up there and to know that we donated money for them, for their houses, and their family members makes me feel good," said 6th grader Jeremiah Robinson.

Petal Upper elementary school was able to raise $4,058.55  in cash to donate to the Columbia Strong fund. That money was donated in coins.

"Some of them had the idea that we do a fundraiser, where they bring coins," Lacy Dykes, 5th and 6th grade teacher at Petal Upper Elementary said. "And to see how much change they could collect."

They managed to raise 778 pounds of coins.

"Well we had milk jugs, that GIFTED got and we spread them through the classes with them and we did all the publicity and the kids just brought them in the milk jugs and we weighed them daily," said Loren Wade, 6th grader.

In 4 days, 1200 pennies, 1400 quarters were raised by 605 students.

"When we first started the fundraiser, some of the other gifted teachers and I kind of estimated we think around five hundred dollars or a thousand, but we were just amazed by how much the kids gave back," said Dykes. "They were so excited to bring their change so every day when it was more and more we were thinking, it's going to be a lot more than five hundred."

The check was presented to the Greater Pinebelt Community Foundation Wednesday.

"Well I asked my class members to bring like as much money as they can in their piggy banks and everything because I just brought my whole piggy bank," said Robinson.