Sewer problem disrupts neighborhood

Sewer problem disrupts neighborhood

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Folks that live in an apartment complex on Sheri Drive in Lamar County say they can hardly stand the smell.

"It's raw sewage and it smells horrible," said tenant Dianne Morgan.

Neighbors say the problem continues to get worse with time leaving raw, untreated sewage in huge puddles.

Apartment manager Jeffery Manring is speaking out for everyone affected by the stench.

"We called the health department on September 11, 2014 and they sent someone out saying they should have it handled in a few days… When he came out he said it should be handled in thirty days." said Apartment Manager Jeffrey Manring.

The sewage pond sits on private property but the two property owners are fighting about whose problem it is. Neighbors say this is an obvious a health concern.

"I mean whose property is it on. I thought they would be the ones responsible for it and I never really got a proper response with that… We need this taking care of. Our kids and our pets are playing are in sewer in the backyard" said Manring.