First luncheon and learn event on skin cancer

First luncheon and learn event on skin cancer

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from Red Door Marketing Agency

Hub Healthy Connections will host the first Luncheon and Learn event on Wednesday,

Feb. 11th from noon until 1 p.m. at the Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Train Depot. The luncheon will

feature Dr. David Roy, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., from Pine Belt Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center in Petal,


Dr. Roy will speak to the participants on the importance of skin cancer awareness, routine skin cancer

screenings, and treatment options. "In the United States skin cancer is the most common malignant

tumor. Basal Cell Cancer will affect one in five Americans. It is most often found on the face, neck,

hands, or other parts of the body that have been exposed to the sun. The good news is detection is

relatively simple and if found early, treatment is simple and usually successful", states Dr. Roy.

One of the topics that Dr. Roy will speak about concerns method of treating skin cancer with a less

invasive procedure called Mohs surgery. Dr. Roy has been specially trained in this type of procedure to

offer his patients the most up to date treatment without the lengthy recovery process.

Mohs surgery has come to be accepted as the single most effective technique for removing basal cell

carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma (BCCs and SCCs), the two most common types of skin cancer.

It does so by sparing the greatest amount of healthy tissue while giving you the highest cure rate possible.

Cure rates for BCC and SCC are considerably better than the rates for standard excision or any other

accepted method.

The reason for the technique's success is its simplicity. Mohs differs from other techniques in that

microscopic examination of all excised tissues occurs during rather than after the surgery, thereby

eliminating the need to "estimate" how far out or deep the roots of the skin cancer go. This allows the

Mohs surgeon to remove all of the cancer cells while sparing as much normal tissue as possible. The

procedure entails removing one thin layer of tissue at a time; as each layer is removed, its margins are

studied under a microscope for the presence of cancer cells. If the margins are cancer-free, the surgery is

ended. If not, more tissue is removed from the margin where the cancer cells were found, and the

procedure is repeated until all the margins of the final tissue sample examined are clear of cancer. In this

way, Mohs surgery eliminates the guesswork in skin cancer removal, producing the best therapeutic and

cosmetic results.

Dr. Roy is a Board Certified Dermatologist and a Fellow of the American Society of Mohs Surgery. He

received his training in dermatology and Mohs surgery in the state of Arizona via Midwestern University

and Arizona Desert Dermatology and Surgery. Dr. Roy completed a fellowship in dermatology and

dermatologic surgery with Advanced Dermatology of Ohio. During his training, Dr. Roy completed over

2000 Mohs procedures, many of which involved large and aggressive tumors. Since that time he has

performed over 3000 Mohs surgeries. He is the owner of Pine Belt Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center

in Petal.

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