Joe's Viewpoint: Hattiesburg City Council

Joe's Viewpoint: Hattiesburg City Council

The subject of today's Viewpoint is yesterday's City Council meeting. The meeting did not get under way before it was interrupted by a group of Hattiesburg citizens concerned over the lack of a citizen forum at council meetings.

The people of Hattiesburg were told by the council in October of 2013 that the forums would be suspended for 90 days to evaluate the best method to conduct them and keep order.

Well, order was missing from the meeting yesterday along with a plan to return the forums. The city and its citizens are in the fifteenth month of waiting, so it is no wonder to me that people are frustrated and they showed that yesterday.

The disappointing part is, amidst all of this chaos, the business of the City of Hattiesburg is not getting done and that is a shame. The good people of Hattiesburg deserve better.

This is today's Viewpoint.