Rudy's Olde Hat shines again with new documentary

Rudy's Olde Hat shines again with new documentary
Rudy's Olde Hat lives on. Photo source SpotonProductionsLLC

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The story of Rudy's Olde Hat is an amazing one, but it's the story about putting the documentary together that's even more spectacular.

The original documentary shot by director Herman Snell in 2003 follows an 80 year old Rudy Boutwell around his shop in Petal, Mississippi.

Legend has it, the store is named Rudy's Olde Hat because of the top hat Rudy used to wear. People claimed the hat was filled with antiques that he collected throughout the years. These collectibles would range from an old jack-in-the-box toy to an old shoe shining station.

This shop is one-of a-kind according to Snell, and he wanted to show the world. His friend Philip Scarborough described this project as Snell's “baby”.

Unfortunately Snell passed away in 2010 and nothing came of the footage.

However; Philip Scarborough, who was also working on the project as a producer and editor, swooped in to help.

"I did it for Herman," said Scarborough. "He was an artist but this was his only film, and for Rudy as well. We wanted to tell his story."

Scarborough was able to find the footage and put the piece together. 

Before Scarborough knew it, Rudy's Olde Hat was no longer just footage, it was a full-fledged documentary.

The documentary has a run time of just over 14 minutes and features the footage shot by the late director.

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