House Bill 623 goes to committee

House Bill 623 goes to committee

Members of the Judiciary B Committee met in session Friday to consider House Bill 623.

This particular bill, if passed, would give law enforcement and animal control officers the authority to enter a vehicle if there is an animal in distress from extreme weather. This  would include times of extreme heat and cold or lack of ventilation.

The law would allow law enforcement to remove the animal for safekeeping and any necessary treatment.

"This bill does not have any penalties in it against the owner," said Valerie Rachal, Southern Pines Animal Shelter Research and Development. "It's strictly a bill to give law enforcement the authority to rescue the animal. At this point the police don't really have the authority to get the animal out."

No action was taken on the bill Friday. If it comes out of committee it will then go to the agriculture committee.

The deadline for the bill to come out of committee is next Tuesday.