Bond set for Columbia home invasion suspects

Bond set for Columbia home invasion suspects
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Leah Harvey, Brenton Crain, Zachary Lee
Leah Harvey, Brenton Crain, Zachary Lee

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Three people charged in connection to a deadly home invasion in Columbia Wednesday made their initial appearance Friday morning.

Zachary Lee, Brenton Crain, and Leah Harvey were arrested late Wednesday night and all charged with armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, burglary and manslaughter after an alleged foiled robbery attempted ended with one intruder dying at a Marion County Hospital.

They were all given a bond set at $250,000.

One of the alleged intruders, Freddy Burrell Jr., 19, of Columbia later died at Marion General Hospital from what appears to be a stab wound he received in the struggle with a resident in the house located at 800 Willow Drive.

"During the robbery attempt, there was a male victim in the house who armed himself with a knife, he was able to run the suspects off, but in the struggle and altercation, the knife was used to stab a suspect," said Marion County Sheriff's Department investigator Jamie Singley.

No charges have been filed at this time against the resident.

"Based on the evidence and the Mississippi statute we do not feel there is enough probable cause to charge the person armed with the knife," said Singley. "All those facts will be presented to the grand jury for them to determine that, and we are working very close with the 15th Circuit District Attorney's office on this matter as well," said Singley.

According to Singley early Wednesday morning, one of the suspects went to the house on Willow Drive and allegedly scouted the area, other suspects then allegedly kicked in the door to the residence and went inside and from there is where the altercation occurred.

There were a total of three residents inside the home that were held at gunpoint during the robbery attempt, and according to Singley one of the residents chased the intruders away.

Marion County Sheriff's Department took over the investigation after a discussion with other agencies involved. During the course of the investigation, Walthall County authorities, Columbia Police Department, as well as Marion County Sheriff's investigators worked together to determine the actual crime scene, since the alleged intruder died at Marion General Hospital.