Pine Belt students get creative with ‘promposals’

Pine Belt students get creative with ‘promposals’

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Prom is just around the corner and students are being creative with their promposals.
"It's not an engagement no, it's just prom," said Oak Grove math teacher Suzie Welch. "They're being very creative, just prom, which I say just prom but really prom is a big deal to them."

Students take promposals so seriously, they're becoming more elaborate every year even going as far as seeking help from a celebrity.

"I think it shows that guys really care and they really want someone to be their date so they go out of their way and like do it in a special way so I like it," said student Anna Kate Karstens.

Although prom isn't until the end of March for some students.., there's no time being wasted.

"If you really want to get the one that you really want to go with you kind of have to do it early," said student Alexander Schwartz.

Here is one promposal by an Oak Grove student, watch HERE.