Under 7: A Guide to Child Restraints

Under 7: A Guide to Child Restraints

Trooper First Class Brent Barfield from Troop J of the Mississippi Highway Patrol says in his career in law enforcement he's seen two instances where a child has perished because they weren't restrained.

Barfield says it's devastating to arrive at a fatal accident, but even more so when it involves children.

"The child doesn't get to make decisions," said Barfield. "Children are not old enough to make decisions for their well being, it's up to the parent to do that."

Mississippi law states that when transporting a child under the age of four proper protection for the child must be used by putting the child properly in a child restraint device meeting federal motor vehicle standards. If the child is over the age of four it must be put in a booster seat. A child also needs to be in a booster seat if they are under four-foot-nine-inches or weighs less than 65-pounds.

Barfield says there's a difference between using a child restraint seat and putting one in properly.

"When I put my child in a child restraint seat I'm going to make sure my child is in their properly to protect them."

On Friday we'll have more information on the importance of making sure you have the right restraint for your vehicle and some tips on proper installation.