Home Remedies

Home Remedies

Sometimes when you're feeling sick and can't get to a doctor, a solution may be right in your kitchen cabinet.

We set out to find some of the most bizarre home remedies that people use to cure ailments.

"You put the vinegar in your bath water to take the burn out of a sunburn," one shopper said.

Dr. Rebecca Boyd with Forward Health Solutions in Hattiesburg said that one actually works.

"The acetic acid in it works really well, she said."

One remedy that we received on our social media page was for cold symptoms. According to the viewer, you should slice an onion, put it on a plate, and place it beside your bed while you're asleep.

Dr. Rebecca Boyd said, "If you believe that it works, but there really is no science behind that," she said.

Another remedy that everyone we interviewed seemed to swear by is a homemade cough, syrup often referred to as "hotty toddy."

The ingredients are peppermint, lemon, honey, and whisky. The shoppers we spoke to said you should place them in a pot and boil them until a syrup is formed.

"Our nurse practitioner here said a practitioner used to describe that very thing for children back in the day," Dr. Boyd added.

Another remedy that Dr. Boyd said sometimes works is rubbing vapor rub under bottom of your child's feet for cold symptoms.