Joe's Viewpoint: Common Core

Joe's Viewpoint: Common Core

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Just saying the words Common Core State Standards should get me some calls and emails today, especially with the Mississippi House and Senate debate on the issue.

And whether you are for the standards or not, we can probably all agree that we want our students to be afforded the same opportunities as other students across the country. And I do think we need a measurement system to ensure that we are progressing against the norm.

Many parents want to be able to help their children succeed. I believe their success deeply depends on some major factors – the passion and skill of the educators and the passion and interest of the parents. So while we argue from state to state on how to measure them, are we getting the teaching done in a method that ensures parents can be engaged in the process?

When I look at my high school senior and what has made him successful. My wife, her dedication to his education and great teachers get the credit. My sons are out ahead of the testing in age, so my personal experience has been hampered. I would like to hear from you. Send me an email. Are you for or against Common Core and why?

This is today's viewpoint.