Kid's Kampus day care center continues recovery process

Kid's Kampus day care center continues recovery process

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Kelly Hawkins, an owner of Kid's Kampus day care center, said without community outreach the daycare would not be where it is today.

The original Kid's Kampus day care center is located on Mississippi 42 in Sumrall. The building was destroyed in the tornado that swept through on Dec. 23.

Hawkins said they were lucky to have somewhere to go within days of the destruction, because of the helping hand of a nearby church.

“Mr. Brian Montgomery, who is on the board of the Sumrall Methodist Church, called my business partner, Brandy Leslie and just offered their fellowship hall to us,” said Hawkins. “We appreciate that so much.”

Sixty plus families depend on Kid's Kampus day care center to watch their children and many of those families helped them move into their new space.

“That is why we really hustled the day after Christmas, you know, to dry all of our stuff off and get it here,” said Hawkins. “We knew all of those families needed childcare Monday morning.”

The daycare enrollment numbers have not dropped during the devastating times. In fact, Hawkins said they have gotten four new children and have kept all of their staff members.

Hawkins said demolition on the original building began last Monday.

“They completely tore out the walls and now we are just waiting on a roof,” said Hawkins.

She is hopeful that they will be able to move back in within the next five months.