Sewer testing begins in parts of Hattiesburg

Sewer testing begins in parts of Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The city of Hattiesburg has been evaluating it's sewer lines through a series of testing, cleaning and inspecting.

This process will find problem areas that will need addressing in the future. Smoke testing is necessary to identify the breaks in the system. The smoke itself is harmless.

Flyers notifying the public have been placed on the doors of homes that are in the testing areas.

“Once the evaluation is done, the engineer will have enough information to make a recommendation on where we have problem areas are,” said Hattiesburg Water and Sewer Director Chad Frierson. “ Some interesting things that you can see are the interior of the pipe and see what's going on, you can tell the top of the pipe, you can look at the service connections coming in, if there's any type of blockages you can see them and identify them, you can see any water that's infiltrating the system because of faulty joints, you get a lot of valuable information from the video of the lines.”

As far as any smoke seen in your house during the testing process, Frierson stresses that it is harmless.

"It just lets you know that possibly that there's some type of failure in your own personal sewer line if you have sewer smoke coming into your house. Possibly, if you are getting smoke back in your house, either you have a break in your sewer line or your sewer line has been improperly plumbed."