HIV victim speaks, Ellisville police receive calls from potential new victims

HIV victim speaks, Ellisville police receive calls from potential new victims

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The Ellisville Police Department said they've received numerous calls from concerned women ever since Thomas Kevin Lewis was charged last week with knowingly exposing another person to HIV.

One woman has stepped forward and decided to speak out after she said she was secretly exposed to HIV by Lewis.

The alleged victim, who requested to remain anonymous, said she never knew Lewis had HIV until she came across his Craigslist information.

"He was using my cell phone and had not signed off of his email account and when my phone beeped and I checked the email it was his," said the victim. "He had posted an ad 'HIV positive man looking for HIV positive woman'. I found that and then at the same time found where he had replied to a man's ad on Craigslist."

The victim said she immediately confronted Lewis about the virus.

"He denied it," said the victim.

The 51-year-old victim said Lewis had just moved in with her prior to her findings. She said they had been dating for a few months.

"He is a wolf in sheep's clothing," said the Ellisville resident. "He is very loving and kind and he is attentive and listens to you and all that kind of stuff while the whole time he's trying to infect you with HIV knowingly."

The victim said she went to get tested the next day after finding the Craigslist ads.

"I can't see myself living with that idea of death running through my veins," said the victim.

She said she's been tested twice and both results have come back HIV negative. She said she is scheduled to take another test at the end of March.

"Living with the uncertainty and the reality of the fact that it could show up later is just devastating," said the victim.

The victim said she plans to start an advocacy group in the future for HIV awareness. Her experience has led her to advice the public of the dangers with meeting someone whether it's on social network or in public.

"Even if you think you know the person, before you have physical relations I strongly advice going to the health department together and getting tested for everything and then going back together to get the results," said the victim.

The Ellisville Police Department advises anyone who thinks they too may have been exposed to HIV to contact their local law enforcement agency and also visit their local health department. Investigator to the case, Christy Carona said she believes other police departments have also received calls about concerned women who used to be involved with Lewis. She said as of now, no additional charges have been made against Lewis.