Mississippi man charged for knowingly exposing woman to HIV

Mississippi man charged for knowingly exposing woman to HIV
Craigslist ad
Craigslist ad

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - A man wanted for questioning by the Ellisville Police Department is now in custody.

According to police, Thomas Kevin Lewis, 41, was arrested Wednesday night in Laurel after tips were called in on his whereabouts.

Lewis was charged with knowingly exposing another person to HIV. He was formally charged Friday and had his bond set at $25,000.

Police subpoenaed his medical records where they found out he was in fact HIV positive.

On January 8, police released information on Lewis saying that he may have secretly exposed a woman to HIV.

"She came to us and filed a report after she became suspicious with an ad that she had found," said Investigator Christy Carona. "It was another ad that he had placed with Craigslist and some of the wording that he used in the ad that he had placed led her to believe that he may be."

The only photo police had of Lewis at the time was from one of his Craigslist ad where he claims to be looking for true love and a friend.

"There's nothing wrong with him having an ad on Craigslist," said Carona. "Our biggest thing is we're just wanting to speak to him in reference to knowingly exposing another to HIV."

Carona said Lewis can face time in jail if he is HIV positive.

"Anytime a person is HIV positive they have to advice the person that they're with that they are HIV positive," said Carona. "If they fail to advice them then that is a crime."

Carona said the victim has taken a test and is HIV negative and will have to take another test in a few months. She advises everyone to be safe and cautious when getting on sites like Craigslist.

"Be very careful. I mean everybody's heard the stories you know or they see a picture and it ends up not being the right person, just be careful and protect themselves," said Carona.

Carona said when they interviewed Lewis on Friday he denied all allegations. She believes Lewis is from Collins since that was the address he gave the police department.

The case will now be turned over to the Jones County District Attorney's Office and will be presented to the grand jury. The attorney's office said Lewis can face three to 10 years in jail if he is convicted, and up to a $10,000 fine.

Carona said if anyone believes they might have been exposed, they are asked to contact their local law enforcement agency and visit the local health department.

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