Forrest firefighters burn Christmas trees in training exercise

Forrest firefighters burn Christmas trees in training exercise

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - About two dozen Forrest County firefighters spent Saturday afternoon burning several old Christmas trees as part of a training exercise. The McLaurin Volunteer Fire Dept. hosted the event.

They set fire to the trees at an abandoned house in the Dantzler Community. It was done to demonstrate how fast they could catch fire and potentially burn down a home.

Both beginning and experienced firefighters from many local departments participated in the exercise, which included several other training scenarios within the home.

It was donated by the landowner to be used for the training.

"Anytime somebody has a fire in their home, even if it seems like a small one, they need to evacuate immediately and call 911 because it can escalate very, very quickly," said Capt. Taylor Sivley, training officer for the McLaurin Volunteer Fire Dept. "As soon as the room fills with gases, people oftentimes aren't able to get out of the homes.  Numerous times, people who are found dead in homes are found near windows or doors as they were trying to exit and they just couldn't make it, because they didn't leave fast enough," said Sivley.

Following the training, firefighters allowed the structure to burn to the ground.