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Joe's Viewpoint: Staying positive

Joe Sciortino Joe Sciortino

At the end of last year I told you about the health benefits of thinking positive. In fact there are many health advantages from keeping a positive attitude, from reducing stress to boosting your immune system. I also asked you to pick one “positive” word as your personal mantra for 2015. Many of you responded and shared your positive words, such as smile, culture, jazzy and babies. My positive word for 2015 is “family”. For me this means more than just the traditional sense of family comes first. I asked myself, how would I go through each day if my family following me around? How would I act if my children were right there in my office? How would I respond to someone if my mother was at my side all day?

As this New Year is just beginning, I would encourage you to find that one positive word that not only represents who you are, but who you want to be this year. Keep sending me your positive words and what they mean to you.

This is today's Viewpoint.

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