Search underway in Soso for suspected car thief

Aaron Haynes
Aaron Haynes

Soso, MS - The Jones County Sheriff's Department is currently looking for Aaron Haynes, who according to them is a suspected car thief.

Haynes was last seen in the Soso area of Will Knight Road. Deputies said he is wearing grey sweatpants, a black and grey hoodie jacket and is barefooted.

According to the department, Haynes is believed to have stolen a vehicle and is believed to be looking for another vehicle in order to get away.  He is also a person of interest in the recent church burglaries

in the Hebron area. Haynes also assaulted two officers Thursday morning.

The Sheriff's Department is asking citizens in the surrounding area to lock up their homes and vehicles.

If anyone sees someone that fits the description please contact the Jones County Sheriff's Department at 601-425-3147or 601-428-7867.