Laurel police seeing spike in car break-ins

Laurel police seeing spike in car break-ins

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Laurel Police Department has seen a recent spike in car break-ins.

"This weekend alone starting Thursday night we had approximately 20 vehicle burglaries that occurred in our jurisdiction alone," said Captain Jerome Jackson.  

Captain Jackson said car break-ins seem to have become easier for burglars.

"People are just breaking windows out," said Captain Jackson.  

Jackson said most of the reported cases involve vehicles that were left unlocked.

"Common sense should lead us to secure our vehicles," said Captain Jackson. "If they do become victims of an auto burglary is usually because someone has left something out in plain view.

Captain Jackson said the break-ins are happening throughout the city not just in one specific area. He said he's confident the burglars involved in the recent break-ins will soon be arrested.

The Ellisville Police Department said they've also seen a rash of car break-ins lately.