Fifty plus animals saved from neglect in Pearl River County

Fifty plus animals saved from neglect in Pearl River County

Monday the Humane Society of the United States in Mississippi was contacted by the Pearl River Sheriff's Department about more than 50 animals that were living in deplorable conditions.

Working together they were able to obtain a seizure order to go in and remove the animals. There were more than 40-dogs, a horse, chickens and roosters, two-turtles and several gerbils.

Lydia Sattler, HSUS State Director, contacted the Southern Pines Animal Shelter who were able to put together a team to on short notice to go in and assist in the rescue. All the animals were rescued Monday afternoon with all but the turtles and the horse going to Southern Pines.

"Usually a large seizure takes more time to plan," said Sattler. "Working with Southern Pines we were really able to quickly pull it together."

Many of the dogs are older animals and had been living in these conditions for years and many of them at the shelter on Tuesday were very timid and scared.

"It was really sad and terrible to think these creatures were spending day in and day out in these conditions," said Ginny Sims, SPAS manager. "So it's a relief to see that they now have a second chance."

Once they are ready all the dogs will be available for adoption.