Wedding on wheels: Mississippi couple skates into matrimony

Wedding on wheels: Mississippi couple skates into matrimony

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Sam Yingling and Lorrie Dayton exchanged vows at a roller skating rink on Wednesday, but they didn't roll into matrimony over night.

"I have had a crush on him since 7th grade," said Dayton.

Dayton said the crush did not turn into much. It took a decade for them to start dating.

"I sent him a friend request not expecting him to accept it," said Dayton. "Lucky me, he did and from there we just talked every single day."

The couple took their first skate at Extreme Skate Zone in Oak Grove.

"We kind of joked about it at first and the more we talked about it we were like I think that would be really cool," said Yingling.

Yingling and Dayton said the roller rink is their second home.

"We drive an hour down here every Saturday and skate from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.," said Yingling.

Both have been married once before, so for them a traditional wedding was not an option.

"With our love for each other and our love for skating, we made it a wedding," said Dayton.

Slate staff says this is the first wedding to ever happen at the roller rink.