Forrest County Sheriff's race has company

Forrest County Sheriff's race has company
Forrest County Sheriff's Dept.

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A challenger to Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee has thrown his name in the hat for the role of sheriff.

Charles Sims, a former Hattiesburg Police Chief who has 34 years of experience in law enforcement qualified for the sheriff's position.

Sims noted the importance of integrity in the department as well as state accreditation, meaning new policies and procedures for the department that are more in line to state and national standards.

Things like this, Sims said, could make the department more professional and more accountable.

"Those 34 years have been served in various law enforcement capacities and I want to continue that as sheriff," said Sims. "As far as my campaign goes, community and citizens of Forrest County are first priority in everything I do," said Sims.

"I want them to have confidence in the department to feel safe in their neighborhoods and homes and know that we'd be responsive to their needs," said Sims.

Sims also stated the importance of educational programs to inform the community of current crimes.


Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee announced today he will be seeking a 7th term as sheriff, and he is not ready to go home yet.

McGee has 40 years of experience in the law enforcement field and began his career as a Forrest County Constable in 1975.

In 1992 McGee was elected to sheriff of Forrest County where he continues to serve.

"We have tried to make Forrest County safe, and a safe place to live and a better place to live, and we are proud of what we did, and what we have done," said McGee.

"I am certainly proud of the support I have had over the past 40 years in my political career, I love what I do, and I love what I have done in the past," said McGee.

"People of Forrest County have been mighty kind to me and I am not ready to go home, and I'm going to see if they allow me to serve another term," said McGee.

McGee noted that under his leadership they have improved response time and added more deputies to the force.

McGee stated that he has not filed his paperwork for sheriff yet, but does plan on it.