Tallahala Creek not expected to reach major flood stage

Tallahala Creek not expected to reach major flood stage

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Tallahala Creek is expected to crest by Tuesday night. Jones County Emergency Management Agency Director Marda Tullos said the creek will not rise at 19 feet like they projected.

"The ground has absorbed that rain and the storage banks have absorbed that so that kept it from completely filling in the creeks, which is a good thing, it's helped us," said Tullos.

Although the creek didn't rise as expected, at least five roads have been closed due to flooding.

In Laurel part of Flynt Road has been closed off. The creek has completely covered the road. Tullos said residents should try to avoid the areas for now.

"Stay off the roads and if there are any barricades there in place please don't go around them," said Tullos. "Stay out of the water and just wait until it recedes."

Tullos said no residents have evacuated from their homes. She said closed roads should be open by Thursday.

"It should fall 2 feet in twenty-four hours," said Tullos. "Once it reaches the crest it falls pretty rapidly."

Tullos said rain is expected this weekend but should not cause any flooding. She said residents should now expect freezing temperature.

Roads currently closed in Jones County are Flynt Road, Old Sandersville Road, Slaughter Pen Road, Tom Windham Road and Custom Avenue.

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