Home destroyed family remains hopeful

Home destroyed family remains hopeful

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Like so many in Columbia, the Walters begin a new year with their lives in shambles and their home in pieces.

"Boom! It hit and we just got on our knees. The walls started just breathing in and out," said home owner, Dorothy Walters. "We just started calling on the name of Jesus."

Walters knows she is lucky to be telling her story after a tornado tore through town less than 2 weeks ago. All Walters has now are memories she'll treasure forever from the place she's called home for decades.

"When I made Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody knows I just cooked too much," said Walters. "I just cooked because I love to cook and love for people to come to eat."

The twister ripped apart home after home on Highway 13 in Columbia. It's a community left with little standing.

"I don't know, it don't even look the same." Said Walters.

While they make plans for a new home, the Walters are staying in a hotel down the street. Their hope for the New Year: That their neighborhood comes back together and back to life, just as it was before.