Marion Co.Humane Society helps animals affected by tornado

Marion Co.Humane Society helps animals affected by tornado

Another day dawned in Columbia as clean-up continued from last week's tornado.

BJ Gandy from the Marion County Humane Society has been busy since the tornado helping animals that were affected by the storm. She said animals and humans are alike in the way that an event like this can very traumatizing.

"Just like people, they are confused, they are displaced, everything's changed for them," Gandy said. "They're really having a lot of confusion."

Friday Gandy and a group of six-volunteers from Kentucky were at the site where Martha Hall's house once stood.

They were building an enclosure to to keep her animals in. The group is from the Jody Powers Search and Rescue. They have been volunteering in disaster areas for several years.

"As a search and rescue team we're into helping families when someone goes missing," said Scott Heltsey. "We also saw when a disaster strikes, there are families who need help days, months, even years after and we felt like we could do something and be a part of the solution. That's where our hearts are."

The Humane Society of the United States is working with the Marion County Humane Society to secure boarding and feed for the displaced animals.

Gandy said they still have several needs in order to help out the Animals.

"Our basic needs right now are feed, pet supplies, and hay," Gandy said. "We need the hay to help the livestock that has been displaced. Anything pet related- we could use the donations right now."

To find out how to donate go to the Marion County Humane Society Facebook page.