Pine Belt Pacers kick off 2015 with annual run

Pine Belt Pacers kick off 2015 with annual run

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Exercising is a common New Year's resolution, and Pine Belt residents are starting off on the right foot at the Longleaf Trace with the annual Steam Whistle 12k Run.

Pine Belt Pacers President Donna Davis said, "There is a real sense of community and real encouragement."

Davis said that people of all ages are enjoying the races. 

"We have young people, we have seniors, we have people who do walks who help with the race but they all believe that being outside and running and walking is a great thing and a great way to start the new year," Davis said. 

Delecia Clayton, team member of Run for the Kids, said exercising isn't just for fun. 

“We do it to stay healthy," Clayton said. "I mean, all it takes is to getting up off the couch and taking one step."

Clayton said it doesn't matter if you walk, run or crawl. 

"All you've got to do is get up and start something and then set a goal and join some friends that encourage each other," Clayton said. 

Pine Belt Pacers host the event each year to benefit the Long Leaf Trace. 

This year's race had the largest turnout since organization began back in 1999. 

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